Dance foley artist for Center Stage 2 : Turn it Up!

“Sound is the most absorbent medium of all, soaking up histories and philosophical systems and physical surroundings and encoding them in something so slight as a single vocal quaver or icy harpsichord interjection.” ...

 I am endlessly thankful for the part music and sound play in my day to day life. I trained in musical theater and dance from a very young age, graduated with a BFA from SUNY Fredonia in New York  and was lucky enough to study and perform with some incredible artists who stretched my skills daily.  Be it a contemporary ballet accompanied by the dancers on found instruments or a famous and challenging classical piece of music executed  with precision and passion, I learned to love the possibility of sound! Coloring words and bringing copy to life is what I try to do with every audition, to create a relatable and sincere delivery for each client.

The picture above is from when I happily got to dabble in the world of foley work, creating the pointe shoe sounds for the principles and dancers in the movie Center Stage 2: Turn it Up!   A boom mic wasn't too safe around the pirouetting ballerinas and I was thrilled to work with Sony's Sonic Magic Studios on this one--tapping into my dance training in a totally unique way.